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Vasil Kolkhidashvili's 
Voice Lessons For Children & Adults


View All the classes that Kolhida Music School Offers. We train both Children and Adults, ages 5-99.

View all of online workshops that we offer for free. We also have online paid workshops. Check them out here!

View our most famous private coaching for voice and music with our world renowned teacher, Dr. Vasil Kolkhidashvili, PHD.


Our Studio


Kolhida Music School's Vocal Education Program in Tampa, Florida combines technical and creative development with continuous live performing experience. Kolhida Music School's Vocal education in Tampa, Florida has no parallel in the world of contemporary vocal training. Programs are designed to build your technique and stylistic identity as well as gain confidence in your abilities plus train you to be a tech-savvy industry professional.

Take the skills you develop in classes and private lessons directly to the stage learning not only how to sing, but how to communicate effectively with a live audience whether you’re interpreting contemporary styles or showcasing your original material.


Kolhida Music School’s unique creative performing environment challenges you to expand the limits of your vocal instrument while creating and exploring your own stylistic identity.

Our Students


Check out some of our testimonials from our dearest students. At Kolhida Music School in Tampa, Florida, every student is as important as the last one. We take our time and energy with every student to meet their goals. We believe in working together to achieve greatness. 

Tracy Vera

"I couldn't ask for a better teacher... Dr. Vasil Kolkhidashvili helped me overcome my fears of the stage. He has changed not only my voice but also my life. I am forever grateful for him and Kolhida Music School."

Francisca Coyle

“Kolhida Music School's Professional Voice Coaching has taught me how to control my voice, control my vibrato, and prepared me for my future endeavors. They took their time to thoroughly train me and the results are phenomenal! ”

Michael Green

“I Couldn't be more grateful for Dr. Vasil Kolkhidashvili and Kolhida Music School for their honest approach to music theory and technique. They trained my voice thoroughly and made sure that I was thrilled by my results. I highly recommend Dr. Vasil Kolkhidashvili for all music related teachings.”

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